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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 15, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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why the police chief in oakland wants the f.b.i. to get involved in an officer- involved shooting from last month. getting report of a human in san jose blocking at least two lanes. raise your hand if you haven't seen the sun in about three days. but today there's a chance. what you're say asking there's a chance. disturbing and conflicting details now unfolding in court after four local children died in a fire. it's all ahead here on the ktvu
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morning news. good morning to you. welcome to the middle of the week wednesday december 15th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve paulson. any rain today steven? no, pamela. we have cloudy skies, patchy fog but cooler. temperatures in the 40s. yet the north bay i think you'll get a little sun today. south bay could be a tall order but go partly cloudy, partly supny after lows in the 40s end up with mid-50s. big news starts on friday. i'll have all the details in about five minutes. here's my good friend, sal. steve, right now westbound bay bridge traffic is moving along well as you're heading towards your area westbound bay bridge into san francisco. also this morning we have a look at san francisco 101 northbound and southbound. southbound 101 in san jose a big problem. we'll tell you about that and the rest of the commute in just
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a few minutes. now back to the desk. thank you, sal. we are following a major new development in last month's fatal police shooting of an unarmed man in oakland. the f.b.i. may soon step in to this investigation. ktvu's kraig debro explains why in this report he's in oakland this morning. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, pam. that is one thing we do have to confirm, the police chief we know has called the f.b.i., we don't know what the f.b.i. has said. now i just spoke to a business owner here on bancroft. his business is right here. derek jones' business is right here. he's right next to the man who was shot and killed last month by oakland police. according to the business owner who has a business next to derek jones, he believes that the federal investigation should be started for the same reason the chief of police in oakland should start a federal investigation. the issue is trust. two oakland officers shot and killed 37-year-old derek jones on the night of november 8th. the officers are responding to a domestic violence call at the
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barbershop. jones ran when the officers arrived. they shot him claiming after jones reached for his waistband the suggestion being jones had a gun in his waistband. >> as far as derek reaching for something, i knew him better than that. i don't know what he could have been reaching for because he didn't keep any type of weapon reor anything here. and in the face of police officers, i don't know why he would be reaching. >> reporter: the two officers who shot jones say they saw at the time or later found a metal scale in jones' pants. both of these officers are on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. there's an opd internal affairs investigation. there's alameda county district attorney's investigation. and now according to the oakland police chief, he wants the f.b.i. to get involved. the reason he said last night at a public safety committee he wants the f.b.i. to get involved because he understands the community has a certain level of distrust when it comes to opd officers. now i have also learned from a police source that there are new guidelines -- when i say
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new it means about five years ago they started about when and what they consider a threat to a person, an officer in the street. according to to the officers i spoke to, it's no longer just okay to see somebody reaching for their waistband and has everything to do with the way kids wear their pants these days or a fashionable way they wear their pants which is lower. the officer i've spoken with say they've stopped just saying if you see them reach for the waistband that's a threat because the person might be pulling up their pants. that alone right now is not the only reason that can be involved in an officer-involved shooting. coming up i'm going to be talking to more officers, more people in the street. get reaction to the opd police chief's call for a federal investigation. reporting live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:05. two women from fairfield whose children died in a fire back in april will be back in court today. they're going to learn whether or not they'll have to stand trial. investigators say the sisters
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left their four children alone inside a home that had burning candles. lead investigator in the case testified yesterday the women gave conflicting accounts on why their children have been left alone and for how long. all four of the children died in that fire. the women are facing charges of involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment. the 14-year-old vacaville boy charged in a vicious attack on two children will be tried as an adult. prosecutors made that announcement yesterday as the suspect appeared in court. now he's charged with raping and stabbing a 13-year-old girl and stabbing her toddler brother while the two children were home alone early sunday morning. he has entered a plea of not guilty to charges of rape, assault and attempted murder. a shopping spree is underway right now in the east bay and it is for a very good cause. ktvu's paul chambers is in hayward this morning where volunteers get to spend thousands of dollars for local
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toys for tots program. there he is in the store, paul. >> reporter: good morning, pam. $45,000 is how much they'll be spending. right now you can see our cart is empty. but by the end of the day it will be full with toys, toys and more toys. marines from san bruno, san jose and alameda county will be getting as many toys as possible for a local bay area kids. now this is something they've done part of the toys for tots program since 1947. once again they'll be spending $45,000 to buy bay area kids toys. infants and teens is what they say they need because people sometimes forget about them. they're also accepting donations outside. there's a local radio station that's spending $973 for ten people to come out and do a shopping spree. our own john out here helping. and also i think i'm going to go out and pick out some special toys for very important kids out here. if you will like to donate something, a toy, they ask you do it best unwrapped and new or
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some money. just come down to the hayward toys r us. out front they have a table and you can donate there. once again looking for items for infants and kids. they'll be doing things for kids of all ages but infants and teens are the ones usually forgotten. that's what they're looking for. toys, toys and more toys. they don't want to spend more than $40 per kid that way they can fill up the cart and make it a very special holiday for those. coming up we'll talk to marines at 6:30 on why that do this. all the proceeds stay here in the bay area. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> that's a nice story. thank you, paul. fun to go out shopping for a bunch of kids who need it. all right. right now we want to go over to sal. unfortunately a word of a crash in san jose, sal. >> that's right. this is the second accident, dave and pam, in this area. southbound 101 this time at the capitol expressway. this crash is blocking at least
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the two left lanes and possibly more and reported as many as seven vehicles just go into it. remember there was another crash just down the road at capitol. give yourself plenty of time. northbound 101 may also be effected. again, seven cars reported southbound 101 at capital expressway. let's go out and take a look at some live pictures. 80 westbound. that traffic looks pretty good with no major problems here on the way to the bay bridge toll plaza. when you do get to the toll plaza, it should be pretty decent drive for you. 6:09. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. plenty to talk about. for those and next week busy travel week. i realize that. if everything continues to come together and it looks like it will, there will be a lot of rain here and a lot of snow. so just make sure you're up to date on all the current weather forecasts because things could really change. they'll start on friday with rain. today we start off with cooler conditions in the 40s. yes. some low 40s. been a couple weeks since we've had that. very mild air mass over us but
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a serge of cool air coming in last night. patchy fog, cooler. cloudy in the morning and some sun in the afternoon. north bay gets some sun today. highs will mainly be in the mid- 50s. fairfield's 41 right now. santa rosa 40. and a lot of mid-40s right at 50. genially it's been about 54 or 55 on the lows due to the mild air mass. last night's front okay. left about a quarter inch to half an inch for some. watching the last few frames. i think this is going to continue to march south which means in the north bay some sun. south bay probably later on in the day. but i'm hoping this continues to head towards central california. half inch of rain last 24 hours. oakland airport almost half an inch. livermore, dublin a third. city picked up .29. san jose, palo alto and mountainview all picked up a quarter inch. plenty of things coming together. a big cold low dropping down from the gulf of alaska will be in training drawing in moisture just north of the hawaiian
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islands. take very warm moisture point it right towards us carrying into friday and the weekend. 40s and 50s on the temps. really cool napa at 43. little break today as the cloud mass slides south. so partly sunny, cooler in the morning with patchy fog. but then 50s, mid-50s on the highs. again, it's -- the days are so short. 50s to the north and i think santa cruz will be the warmest at 59. pleasanton at 57. the big news not so much today or tomorrow we get a break today. if you need to take care of things today or tomorrow is it. friday the rain starts. wind takes us in with a lot of mountain snow. thank you, steve. a local pg&e office shut down. the reason angry customers stood outside blocking others who were just trying to pay their bills. and coming up, some new intelligence estimates are out that deliver harsh assessments of the war in afghanistan.
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seyo petosld me chhola errey nu welcome back. time now 6:14. president obama meets later today with secretary of state hillary clinton and defense secretary bob gates. they're preparing for tomorrow's release of the highly anticipated afghanistan policy review. as ktvu's allison burns reports now from our washington d.c. newsroom, there are some pretty -- some new assessments of the war that are very harsh.
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allison, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning to you, dave. that's right. some classified intelligence estimates have been leaked to the press. they reportedly say the united states is not going to succeed in afghanistan unless pakistan does more to hunt down insurgents on the border. these intelligence estimates say the u.s. has made progress in key afghan cities, but pakistan must do a lot more to shut down lawless triable regions in the border. insurgents are crossing the border and planting bombs in afghanistan. the reports also say though that u.s. drone attacks on the border to take out al qaeda and taliban leaders are having an impact. president obama is set to release his policy review of afghan tomorrow. it's going to point to the progress and for troops to begin leaving next summer. >> we have seen through counterterrorism success at degrading senior al qaeda
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leaders. and we've seen greater cooperation over the course of the past 18 months with the pakistan government. >> reporter: now democrats in congress including a lot of members of the bay area delegation are stepping up the pressure on president obama to end the war in afghanistan. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. well, democrats in the house of representatives will push for a vote today on a new bill aimed at repealing the military's don't ask don't tell policy before the lame duck session of congress ends. the house move comes after the senate failed last week to advance a broader measure that included the repeal. if the bill is passed in the house, that will pressure the senate to delay its adjournment to work on the bill as well. a senate vote is expected today on the tax cut package negotiated by president obama with republicans. it's expected to easily pass with bipartisan support after clearing a test vote on monday. that's despite criticism from
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senate democrats. some of them including california senator fine stein. >> i wrestled with this all weekend. and the reason i've decided to vote for it was it's clear that the job numbers were very bad and there is concern that the economy could begin to fail again. therefore, there is a part of this that's a stimulus. >> now if as expected the tax cut package is approved in the senate, it will then go to the house. house democrats there are leaning towards a higher estate tax than the one president obama negotiated with the republicans. time now 6:17. wikileaks founder remains in a british jail this morning ahead of a hearling tomorrow appealing his release on bail. he has to stay in jail at least until tomorrow's hearing. that's where swedish prosecutors will appeal a judge's ruling that he could be released for more than $300,000 bail. he is wanted for questioning in
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a sex crimes investigation in sweden. meantime, the army private accused of givings classified government documents to wikileaks was not given hero status by the berkeley city council last night. >> i think it's pretty mature for us to. [ indiscernible ] i think it's healthy to have the debate, but i don't think there's an answer. >> city council indefinitely postponed a vote on a resolution to declare army private first class bradly manning a hero. council members say they were reluctant to claim him a hero who at this point has not admitted to leaking the information. there are strong opinions on both sides of this issue. >> it was an amazing service that he provided to our country so that we could make informed decisions when we support policies of war and troops around the world. >> what he actually did was put troops in harm's way. put troops in further danger by providing a morale boost to the enemy. >> the private is right now in
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a military jail facing possibly up to 52 years in prison if convicted of illegally down loading sensitive government documents and then passing them onto wikileaks. san jose city council approved a ban on most retail stores providing plastic bags to customers. that makes san jose the largest california city to eliminate plastic bags. it also will require stores to charge 10 cents each for paper bags. the law goes into effect in january of 2012. now fair fax, san francisco, oakland and palo alto have similar restrictions or outright bans on plastic bags. sunny vale, fremont, santa clara county and marin county are now considering the same type of laws. supporters say the bans encourage people to bring their own reusable bags to the store and reduces the amount of plastic that ends up as garbage or litter. time now 6:19. sal, you've just been telling us about a major crash this morning. >> that's right. southbound 101, dave, in san
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jose. southbound 101 traffic is effected by this crash at the capitol expressway. at least 7 cars there. there was also an accident just a little while ago at hallier which is one exit down or a couple exits down i should say. so the traffic is going to be slow on southbound 101. northbound 101 fortunately getting by the area okay which is the commute direction. and if you're driving to this morning to -- let's go to some live pictures now. if you're driving on 101 san jose northbound that traffic looks okay up to the airport. this is a little past that scene. all right. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic there is moving along okay. they have switched the metering lights on. so we're going to start seeing a bigger delay soon. now it's 6:20. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. we have cloudy skies, patchy fog, it's cooler this morning. we're in the 40s. i think you'll notice it if you haven't stepped outside yet. much cooler than the past couple mornings. we get a little break today and tomorrow. and it looks like a lot of rain begins to come in on friday and
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carry us almost all the way to christmas probably i kid you not. today cloudy skies in the morning. some fog cooler with 40s especially inland. afternoon hours not just the afternoon hour but hours some sun, clouds to the south, santa clara valley. you can see those right there. watch how this system is sliding south. sliding south. i'm banking on that continuing to go south and give us a little bit of a break on some of these clouds. i haven't seen the sun in three or four days. 42 napa, 44 palo alto, 48 san jose. 40s for many except right by the coast. still the system continues to slide south. so that will give us a little bit of a break today. partly sunny, partly cloudy. cooler in the morning though. little patchy fog. forecasted highs though since we're starting in the 40s we'll end up mainly in the mid-50s. vallejo 54. novato 55. hayward at 56. warmest looks santa cruz at 59. redwood city 57 degrees. cooler today. partly sunny skies, partly cloudy on thursday.
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then rain starts friday. then rain and wind kick in on saturday and go sunday and off and on maybe even into midweek. >> all right. president obama's about ready to speak. so we'll be right back with more on that. stay with us.
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as swiftly as possible. getting that done is an essential ingredient in spurring economic growth over the short run. and spurring economic growth is what i'll talk about later this morning when i meet with some of america's top business leaders. that includes jim from boeing who also heads up my export council and several members of my economic recovery advisory board. one of many discussions we'll be having in the months ahead to find new ways to spur hiring, put americans back to work and move our economy forward. as i said when i was running for president, as i've said since, i believe that the primary engine of america's economic success is not government. the ingenuity of america's entrepreneurs. it's the dynamism of our markets. and for me, the most important question about an economic idea is not whether it's good short- term politics or meet somebody's litmus test, whether
6:26 am
it will help spur businesses, jobs and growth. that's why i've set a goal of doubling u.s. exports in the next five years to create more jobs selling more products abroad -- >> all right. we're listening in live to president obama. he is starting a meeting with about 20 ceos from around the country. he's talking about trying to create jobs. one of the number one priority. now he's invited those ceos to have an open discussion. the president is urging the companies to use their record profits to increase employment. we also know we've been talking about on wall street a lot of companies have a lot of cash sitting, waiting for the economic recovery the president would like to see and a lot of people would like to see the companies use that cash as well to start to begin hiring and improve the job situation. now the businesses want something as well. ceos are there to ask the administration to ease up on regulations. here are some local ceos there
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in washington d.c. to talk this morning. john chambers of cisco systems. spell's ceo. also comcast and general electric. again, about 20 ceos meeting in washington d.c. with president obama. and they are trying to work out some things to improve the economy and in particular spark job growth. right now it is 6:27. an innocent victim got caught in the cross fire of a shoot out inside a strip mall in sacramento. there was a major new development in this homicide case just hours ago. >> reporter: what the family members of a man killed by police last month told the police chief at a public safety committee hearing last night and why the chief wants the feds to get involved.
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good morning. right now traffic is going to be effected by southbound 101 as you -- we've had several accidents near the capital expressway. the traffic is a little slow in that area. and northbound is slowing as well. bay bridge westbound it is getting busier now that the metering lights are on although it's not all that bad. the roads are still a little slick. give yourself extra time. coming up on 6:30. let's go back to the desk. there it is right on time. thanks to sal there's the opening bell in new york this morning. a pretty busy day. on the nasdaq celebrating an initial public offering. always a good sign in the economy that companies go public. that's a company out of texas a manage communications and network company. this morning investors and traders have new report on inflation, the indicater of inflation out this morning. so we'll see how they respond to that in just a little bit.
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all right. we'll go ahead and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news wednesday december 15th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. in the news right now just hours ago we found out an arrest believed to be connected to a horrific shooting that claimed the life of a sacramento mother she was killed by a stray bullet during a gun battle at a strip mall. investigators say the 30-year- old was an innocent victim who simply was in the wrong place at the wrong time. she was a single mother who worked at the sacramento airport. now investigators say she was killed when a gun battle inside of a barbershop moved outside into the mall parking lot. witnesses say she was putting her 2-year-old son into her suv when the bullet hit her. her child was not hurt. that bold daytime crime unfolded right before the eyes of a lot of terrified mall shoppers. >> it was just a shock. that's where we go all the time
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right here in the neighborhood. >> police announce an arrest believed to be connected to that mall shooting case. police sealed off the neighborhood, they searched a home in sacramento. five men were wounded in the exchange of gunfire at the mall. the motive for the shooting is still not clear. we're following a major new development in last month's fatal police shooting of an unarmed man in oakland. the f.b.i. may soon step into this investigation following a request from oakland's police chief. ktvu's kraig debro explains why this morning. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, pam. you know, f.b.i. police chief said he made a request to the f.b.i. yesterday said he called them asking for an independent investigation. derek jones owned this barbershop here on bancroft. and last month on november 8th he ran from the barbershop after somebody called police regarding a domestic violence dispute. now minutes later jones was in an alley just around the block from here and ended up dead
6:33 am
when officers said he reached for his waistband that night. it all started like i said 8:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. on the night of november 8th jones was shot and killed that night. now according to my opd source, one of the officers has been identified about four years on the force and a member of the opd s.w.a.t. team. both he and a second officer cornered jones in an alley at bancroft and seminary. they shot jones after he reached for his waistband. a man working in his own business that night said the gunfire sounded excessive. >> i heard all those shots, i thought it was a shootout. so for police officers or anyone to be shooting someone that many times it just seems way out of bounds. >> reporter: later police found a small scale either near jones or on his person. opd source says a realtively new training asks officers to
6:34 am
be doubly sure if they see a suspect reach for his waistband. that's because many young men for fashion reasons wear their pants low around their mid thigh and might be trying to pull up their pants instead of reaching for a weapon. the family is frustrated with what they're calling a common excuse that police use in these situations simply saying the suspect reaches for his waistband they say allows police to pull the trigger without first deciding if that person is a threat. now we're going to be heading over to the opd for my next report to see if we can get a comment from the opd on how close that investigation is, how close the f.b.i. investigation is to starting, whether or not the f.b.i. has heard back from police chief. live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:34. a bay area man is among six soldiers now identified as victims of a suicide bombing in afghanistan. army specialist derek was just 21 years old. he went to car month high
6:35 am
school in belmont for his freshman year. he joined the army after high school and was a member of the 101st airborne division. he and five other american soldiers died sunday when a minibus packed with a explosives blew up the entrance of the nato afghan base in and hear. a shopping free is underway this morning in the east bay and it's for a very good cause. ktvu's paul chambers gets to be out there with the shoppers and the toys. volunteers spending thousands of dollars for local kids, right, paul? >> reporter: that is right. you won't see too many of these this morning. why? because marines are out here for toys for tots and they are filling up carts for toys for lots of kids that are in need in the bay area. they've already got seven carts right now. they have people walking around the store filling up carts because they're doing it for a good cause. i'm joined by staff sergeant chris been doing this since 1947 and looks like you'll have a good year this year also.
6:36 am
>> yes. we are. we're asking people to donate money, toys, trying to get as much as we can because the economy's really low. so we're getting more and more requests obviously this year. >> reporter: we have video of guys shopping a little whiling a pulling about everything up off the shelves but we're looking for certain things. we're not trying to go too expensive. >> right, we want to keep it around $20 price. we're looking for more quantity than price. we're trying to get as many toys as we think to help as many kids. >> reporter: and of course $45,000 to work with. but all the money and toys stay right here correct? >> that's right. all the money and toys we raise and give out stay right here in the bay area. >> reporter: and you have marines from san bruno and alameda. >> we have marines from san jose, san bruno and alameda here purchasing toys today. >> reporter: they'll be doing it between 6:00 and 9:00. if you want to donate a toy unwrapped new toy do it outside or donate money. they're doing it for a good cause. all the toys and money stays right here in the bay area. live in hayward, paul chambers,
6:37 am
ktvu channel 2 news. paul, thanks a lot. let's get you where you need to go this morning. sal, how's it looking out there? pretty tough in some areas. southbound 101 that traffic is going to be busy. the rest of the south bay commute's not bad. we've also been looking at westbound 580. there we go. westbound 580 we had an earlier crash at 680. traffic has been heavy even though the accident is gone. let's move along and take a look at westbound 24 on the way up to oakland. that traffic is moving along okay with no major problems getting up to the oakland area. and this morning's commute westbound bay bridge is backed up for about a 15 to 20 minute delay. and that traffic is moving okay once you get on to the bridge. 6:37. let's go back to steve. all right, sal, thank you. we have a little bit of a break today and tomorrow and then the rain comes back in friday and it really comes in for the weekend. first we start off with mostly cloudy skies. little cooler this morning with 40s. but also we have some patchy fog that ground fog showing up.
6:38 am
so cloudy skies, fog, cooler some low 40s inland. haven't seen that in a couple weeks. by the afternoon hours we'll have some sun mainly in the innovate bay i think and clouds to the south as this ban slides south. but mid-50s on the high. some rainfall over the last 24 hours it's really going to stack up here. projections between now and christmas about 10 to 15 inches of rain for some. that's just a projection. i wouldn't be surprised santa cruz mountains, russian river, we get a lot of rain between now and christmas. last 4 hours st. helena two- thirds. oakland airport .45. officially san francisco go down as .29. but our observer michael who is spot on had .39. i believe him. san jose, mountainview and palo alto, steve, all had a quarter inch of rain. look at the 40s more so than we've seen in a long time. but a little bit of fog out there and it's cooler, much cooler than the last couple weeks in the morning hours. now this band is slowly sliding south. and i'm banking on this thing
6:39 am
stalling out southern end of the peninsula and also in the south bay. so the north bay looks like they could get a little bit of sunshine today. at least that's what i'm going to go with so why not? the quick forecast has a little bit of a break today and also tomorrow. there will be a lot of patchy fog but at least it will be dry. but the weekend rain starts friday and then really a lot of rain and wind kicks in on saturday. the reason being cold low right up there is coming in and that's going to entrain or drop moisture just north of the hawaiian islands and funnel it right towards us and everything points towards this just parking itself over us for about the next five or seven days. so if everything continues to march in as advertised, we're going to see a lot of rain here. today though we get a break. partly sunny. cooler in the morning. some patchy fog. forecasted highs in the 50s. 50s for many including fremont 56. san jose 58. morgan hill 57. patchy fog but cooler nights and mornings wednesday, thursday, rain starts friday morning light and then heavy saturday and sunday. thank you, steve.
6:40 am
a terrifying scene at a school board meeting in florida. what happened when a gunman opened fire? we're going to go live for a detail coming up in just a few minutes. e ilrioct e io
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6:42 am
good morning to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 6:42. two fairfield women whose children died in a fire back in april will be back in court
6:43 am
today. a judge will decide if there's enough evidence for them to stand trial for charges of endangerment and involuntary manslaughter. the house of representatives expected to vote on a day to repeal the military's don't ask don't tell policy. if it's passed, that will put pressure on the u.s. senate to delay its adjournment to work on a bill as well. and right now president obama is sitting down with almost two dozen ceos at the white house. he's talking business. the president wants the private sector to use its record profits to hire more employees. a horrifying scene was caught on video at a school board meeting in florida. a gunman started shooting me at the board members from just a few feet away. amazingly he missed every person he fired on. we are live with more on this story. good morning, sandra. >> reporter: good morning, pam. you're looking at a picture of the alleged gunman right here. he was in fact sitting through a school board meeting for the
6:44 am
bay district school district in florida. now when the public comment section was opened to the floor, that's when he got up. he spray painted a v on the wall. there you see it right there. he was waving a gun around. told everyone in the auditorium to leave except for the six male board members. and this man is identified as clay duke. he ranted on and on about his wife being fired. school board officials tried to rationalize with him. there you see one lady coming back trying to hit him with a purse to knock out the gun from his hand. that didn't happen. but this video we're about to show you is a very disturbing graphic video of the shooting and the standoff. take a look. >> this isn't worth it. >> please don't. please don't. [ sounds of gunfire ] >> reporter: thankfully, as you
6:45 am
mentioned, pam, nobody was hurt. the gunman was shot in the knee and the school superintendent who try today talk to clay duke had this to say this morning. >> he's already told us that he was going to die. he was prepared to die. and we were going to die as well. so we knew -- i mean you could tell by the look in his eyes that there was going to be killing going on. so he made up his mind that. right there we're showing what he shoots at me i knew he was getting ready to pull that. you know, it's a miracle. there's no other excuse for it. i mean god brought those bullets and i have no doubt about that. >> reporter: miracle indeed for those members of the board who were shot at but missed. the school safety board chief who shot the sacramento is being hailed as a hero and his name is mike jones. latest from washington. back to you. sandra, thank you. time now 6:45. back here at home baseball fans
6:46 am
in oakland are celebrating a victory in the campaign to save the a's. yesterday a city economic panel approved spending up to $750,000 to conduct a study for a new ballpark along oakland's waterfront. next week the full city council will consider the plan to build a new stadium just south of jack london square. oakland still has a chance to stop the a's from moving since the team's plan to build a stadium in san jose is facing several obstacles. the announcement came just a short time ago. time magazine has named facebook founder as person of the year for 2010. the magazine defines the person of the year as the man or woman who does the most to influence events of the year for better or for worse. the 26-year-old plans to -- he built the palo alto based company into an internet phenomenon. we've been talking about how he plans to donate a lot of money to charity. he's worth billions.
6:47 am
time now 6:46. traffic reporter of year, sal, he's going to get you to where you need to go this morning. dave, you're just saying that. i know you are. [ laughter ] >> good morning everybody. it's going to be a tough commute out there this morning. we had an earlier crash on 580 at 680. and now there's a crash westbound 580 at recall ranch road. watch for slow traffic driving up into castro valley. also again highway 101 san jose southbound near capital an accident. northbound traffic looks okay and the rest of the valley so far all right. let's move to the toll plaza because we've been watching obviously the traffic get busier. as we get closer to the holiday, closer to the 25th, you're going to notice more and more people not having to go to school or work. in fact some schools are already out. so just hopefully we'll get a better traffic situation as a result. san mateo bridge traffic looks good as you head to the high- rise. i want to remind you that there could be a distraction today for a bay bridge drivers as they put up one of the construction towers at the bay
6:48 am
bridge. we'll talk more about that coming up on mornings on 2. 6:47. let's go back to steve. thank you, sal. and union square and christmas tree, temperatures in the city right at 50. there are a lot of 40z around. coolest lows we've seen in about ten days to two weeks at least. temperatures will get a little bit of sun today. but cloudy skies in the morning. some fog, inland fog. it's cooler in the morning. 40s to near 50s at the coast. some sun in the afternoon hours. but clouds will hold on to the south. i'm hoping this whole ban right there slides south. it is. i mean it's continuing to do it. southward. so the north bay will get some sun. probably a lot of clouds you know giving me a couple gray hairs in the south bay and holding on. it will be a little better today. half inch of rain over. same for st. helena. oakland .45. san francisco .39. not too bad. dublin and livermore a third of an inch. san jose mountainview picked up a quarter of an inch. big train of moisture out there going to slide south today. but a strong low is dropping
6:49 am
down from the gulf of alaska. that will draw in moisture by friday and take us well into next week with a lot of rain. 40s for some. napa at 42. the city's right at 50. again, a little break today as this slides south. that was last night's front. that slides south. but we still have some ground fog out there. but other than partly cloudy day. cooler morning. patchy fog, forecasted highs mid-50s. maybe a few upper 50s. santa rosa go 55. pacifica, concord 53. livermore pleasanton 57. mountainview half-moon bay 54. santa cruz 59 one of the warmest. chilly morning with patchy fog and partly sunny. more of the same on thursday. rain starts friday light and then picks up and rain and wind could be heavy rain takes us into the weekend. oh, boy. all right. checking in on business news rite aid workers across the country are staging a protest today calling it a day of
6:50 am
action. they are demonstrating against the company's recent plans to cut benefits. now the workers plan to voice their complaints directly to rite aid customers who come into their stores today. let's check in on wall street. decent news on inflation that came in this morning is offsetting continued worries about debt in europe. spain in particular a warning about its credit rating that sent european markets down this morning. most are recovering a bit now on the heels again of consumer price index this morning which was pretty mild. that's a big indicater of inflation. live look at the dow up just 11 points. the first chevrolet volt has been sold. and it went for more than the $45,000 list price. in fact it sold for $225,000 in an online auction. this volt includes the premium trim package, leather seats, back up camera and a special paint job. it also includes the installation of a home charging station and the money raised in that auction is going to go to
6:51 am
detroit public schools. >> a quarter of a million dollars. >> yeah. time now 6:50. a bold robber on a motorcycle targeted a major las vegas casino. but will this guy have trouble cashing in stolen chips? new rules for people who want to climb yosemite. what they'll have to carry with them as they make their way up the popular trail. good morning if you're driving in marin county so far it looks pretty good here. tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
6:52 am
wi i-cl av csts. e earsin e earsst cl.
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6:54 am
house fire right now in oakland. you can still see smoke rising from this house here, this building. 600 block of santa re street or avenue. this is east of 580. oakland firefighters are on the scene here. again, this is east of 580 near lake shore. santa re it's a street there in a residential neighborhood. the fire department is on the scene. it's unclear if anyone has been injured in this house fire. but the smoke is still coming up. it's white smoke which means they may have somewhat of a handle on the fire. at 6:54 back to the desk. all right. we have a ktvu crew on the way there. we'll be on the ground there shortly. time now 6:54. always bringing you up to at a time. let's check in now with tori to
6:55 am
see what's coming up on mornings on 2. good morning, dave and pam. coming up in addition to the house fire we'll be covering, also an overnight development from berkeley police we've learned they made nine arrests for a rash of recent street robberies that terrorized a neighborhood neighborhood. the investigation is ongoing. we'll have a live report with updates. a warning this morning from cal tran. bay bridge drivers should keep their eyes on the road and ignore the big project that's going on just off the span. but we will show it to you. where you can go today to see the world series trophy up close. the champion giants also say they're going to make amajor announcement. can you hear me now? lots of residents in one bay area community are saying that. why they've been without cell phone service since sunday. those stories and more coming upen mornings on 2. now back to you on the morning news. thank you, tori. police in las vegas say a motorcycle riding robber made off with about $1.5 million in chips from one of the strip's most famous casinos.
6:56 am
investigators released a short clip. take a look. this is from a casino surveillance camera. it shows the robber complete with motorcycle helmet running into the casino shortly before 4:00 yesterday morning. they say he cleaned out the chips from a craps table, ran out and drove off. time now 6:55. let's see what's sal is seeing on our roads now. you've got lots to follow this morning. that's right. near interstate 580 east of it a house fire in oakland. news chopper 2 is on the scene. you can see that the chopper is focusing in on the smoke on santa re avenue. firefighters on the roof there. as we pull back a little i want to show you the neighborhood that you can see obviously people in that neighborhood are aware the fire's going on. and the other houses still not seem to be effected. we will tell you more about this fire coming up on mornings on 2. 6:56. let's go back to steve. sal, thank you, sir. we have a mostly cloudy morning. cooler with 40s and some patchy
6:57 am
fog around. but we will get a little bit of sun today. we get a break. i'll tell you things are going to get very wet and interesting around here by the weekend. more on that coming up on mornings on 2. all right. thank you. time now 6:56. we're finding more about a dramatic rescue off the face of yosemite national park. three climbers were headed up the 7400-foot rock face when a 200-pound boulder hit one of them as night fell. this happened sunday. park rangers took a helicopter to the top on monday morning. they repelled down to rescue the three. also visitors who want to hike to the top of half dome in yosemite, you now have to get a permit no matter when you make the climb. requiring permits on weekends and holidays this year but that led to overcrowding on weekdays. so now permits are going to be required every day when half dome trails open again in march. coming up next right here
6:58 am
on mornings on 2, we are following breaking news right now. a house fire burning near lake merit in oakland. we have a crew there at the scene. also the f.b.i. may soon step into the investigation into a controversial police shooting in oakland. stay right here with us.
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